MEET OUR TEAM! Within pwdrbypim we have a lot of interns and employees who have done their best to get us where we already are. That way we and they can develop themselves to the top! Are/do you know someone who is looking for an internship/workspace? Then you are in the right place with us! […]


PWRDBYPIM launching as a rocket into space! We are a brand new Dutch company that innovates for other companies and for ourselves. We create innovative products, services or processes. PWRDBYPIM is driven by young people with creative minds. We are not afraid to think and be different to explore the unknown. We believe that this […]


Have you seen our brand new website yet? Take a look and discover all the advantages of working with PWRDBYPIM and all its other companies!


In September we moved to a new office at Strijp-S. We worked hard on it the months before and are very happy with the end result. Feel free to come by for a cup of coffee!