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Sales manager | Eindhoven

Are you a driven sales manager with experience in acquiring and managing key accounts? Do you thrive in a dynamic and entrepreneurial work environment? Then we’re looking for you! As a sales manager, you will lead our sales department. You’ll guide the sales team in their daily activities, such as generating new leads and securing and managing key accounts. Together with the sales team, you will strive for commercial growth, both nationally and internationally. We also offer the opportunity to work on a commission basis, where you receive a percentage for each successful sale. During an initial introductory conversation, we’d be happy to discuss all the options.

What do you bring to the table?

  • Experience in helping small businesses (start-ups) grow.
  • Leadership experience, with the ability to manage a team.
  • Proficiency in lead generation.
  • Strong communication skills, both with existing and potential clients.
  • Solution-oriented thinking.
  • Excellent collaboration and communication skills.
  • Creativity and a focus on results.
  • Ability to motivate and inspire the sales team.
  • Proficiency in both written and spoken Dutch and English.
  • Availability for a minimum of 24 hours per week.

What do we offer you?

  • A team with an open and enjoyable work atmosphere.
  • Spacious, well-equipped offices in Eindhoven and Valencia that promote collaboration.
  • The option to work partially or fully in Valencia.
  • National and international projects.
  • A challenging strategic role with growth opportunities.
  • Team-building activities and enjoyable company outings.

Does your profile match PWRDBYPIM?

PWRDBYPIM is a young company that innovates not only for other businesses but also for itself. We reinvent products, services, and processes and have a young team with a fresh perspective. This contributes to sustainable innovation. PWRDBYPIM is a parent company with multiple subsidiary companies under its umbrella. You will work for various companies, products, and services. Here are some websites you can check out:

·       www.pwrdbypim.com

·       www.youno.io

·       www.steppi.eu

·       www.youno.io/sitech

·       www.realestate-support.com

Are you interested in this job? Please send your motivation letter and CV to hr@pwrdbypim.com or fill in the form below, and you might become our sales manager soon!