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PIM DIGITAL is a company that focuses on creating or improving digital products. For example, applications, webshops & websites. PIM Digital's motto is to look at everything with a creative and innovative approach. During the development process, PIM Digital uses four phases that lead to innovation for our customers. Research, Ideation, Concepting and Implementation. PIM Digital collaborates closely with their customers because they believe that it is possible to achieve more together.

Steppi. The electric scooter in the form of a subscription model. With Steppi you travel fast, affordable and carefree throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Steppi makes sure that you can always be on the road with your electric scooter. Theft, damage and civil liability insurance are arranged for you. So, is there something wrong with your Steppi? Within 24 hours you will have a new working Steppi. Don't need your Steppi anymore? You can cancel your subscription at any time! Steppi will pick up your electric scooter again!

Real Estate


Real Estate Support biedt vastgoedbeheerders een softwaresysteem aan, waarmee zij zorgeloos hun vastgoed kunnen beheren en een hogere klanttevredenheid kunnen realiseren. Dit doet de Real Estate Support door het mogelijk maken van huurbetalingen via Ideal, automatische incasso en overboekingen. Huurcontracten kunnen digitaal worden ondertekend en kunnen er inspectierapportages worden opgemaakt. Daarnaast wordt het inzichtelijk wat de kosten en baten zijn per locatie als beheerder. Verder biedt Real Estate Support een huurders applicatie met een slimme interactieve FAQ waar huurders zelf veel problemen kunnen oplossen middels handleidingen en videos, reparatieverzoeken kunnen indienen en chatten met de beheerder en/of andere huurders.

Met de Real Estate Support bespaart u kosten en zorgt u voor tevreden huurders!



An application developed for the construction sector. The goal of the Construction Support App is to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. This is achieved by means of a smart question and answer tree. This allows users of the app to solve their problems independently. Users no longer have to queue up on the a phone queue and the company no longer has to pick up the phone so often. If they cannot find their answer, it is possible to chat or make a call back request. There is more the app is capable of. Curious about what the app can do? Click below.

BlueBird is a company that was founded so that you can move from A to B with one of their electric scooters in a safe, innovative and sustainable way without any worries. The electric scooter is the ideal means of transport for the city because it is foldable and flexible to take with you in the car or train. In addition, BlueBird offers excellent customer service that is available 24/7 so that you are always on the move. BlueBird is the only party in the Netherlands that can offer the ES4 model of Segway.
In addition, BlueBird offers excellent customer service that is available 24/7 so that you are always on the move. BlueBird is the only party in the Netherlands that can offer the ES4 model of Segway.

Statements such as 'I don't care' or 'You choose what we're going to do' are statements that gave rise to the ‘Kiesjijmaar' app. The Kiesjijmaar app has been developed for people who can't or don't want to make a choice. Want to go out for dinner with family or want a fun activity to do with your friends? In the Kiesjijmaar app let users fill in their preferences regarding to budget, radius and reviewscore. Kiesjijmaar gives users recommendations based on their preferences. Always something surprising without choice stress!

PIM Academy is dé plek om klaargestoomd te worden voor een baan in de Digitale wereld. Je draait ’n half jaar mee in de molen van PWRDBYPIM, waarin we je helemaal klaar maken voor de wereld van innovaties. IT, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Legal en nog veel meer alles is mogelijk! Het traject van PIM Academy duurt een half jaar. In dat half jaar draag je niet alleen bij aan jouw afdeling, maar volg je ook een hoop masterclasses. Het gaat om een leer-werktraject, waarbij de nadruk vooral ligt op dóen. Want zeg nou eerlijk, je leert het meest van meedraaien, op je bek gaan en weer doorgaan. 



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